David Broder Jumps Several Sharks

There probably was a point in his career when David Broder was a serious journalist, maybe back in 1973 when he won the Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Commentary, or even in 1993 when he took home the National Press Foundation’s Distinguished Contributions to Journalism Award. But today it’s 2007 and Broder hasn’t just jumped one shark, he’s jumped a long line of sharks.

Evidence? If you can stand it, read his column in today’s Washington Post. Believe it or not, Broder manages to equate the corrupt, incomptent, arrogant, amoral, empty-headed Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, with the fiercely partisan, anti-Iraq-war Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The absurd, idiotic, inane title of the piece, “The Democrats’ Gonzales,” says it all. Why would Broder write such drivel? Apparently, he’s in a snit fit about the fact that Harry Reid said the war in Iraq is “lost.” Amazing.Anyway, here’s some commentary from the progressive blogosphere:

  • At Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall writes, “I really don’t know whether I find it more painful or amusing to watch David Broder’s quickening decline.”
  • At Daily Kos, “mcjoan” comments that Broder “is somehow adroit enough to hammer the final nail into the coffin that holds all that was left of his ability to reasonably comment on current events.”
  • The Anonymous Liberal says that “Thursday’s Washington Post features not one, but two soul-crushingly bad op-ed pieces on the politics of Iraq” – by David Broder and Joe Lieberman.

I’m sure there will be a lot more on this subject coming soon to a blog near you. Unfortunately, I’m also pretty sure that there will be a lot more sharks jumped by a lot more idiotic MSM pundits like David Broder.