Supreme Court Restricts Abortion Rights

Yesterday, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to restrict abortion rights. What happened today is what many of us have predicted for some time, that if we keep electing Republicans to the White House, eventually the Supreme Court will start rolling back Roe v. Wade. For all those who say “elections don’t matter,” here’s strong evidence that they most certainly do! Anyway, here’s some commentary from the progressive blogs:

*At Daily Kos, “Adam B” writes, “This is not the last restriction which Republicans will try to pass — and remember — the Supreme Court was able to render this decision because the Senate (with Leahy, Byrd and Reid) and House (with 60+ Dems voting in favor) passed this bill. ”

*Matthew Yglesias says that this decision “was the predictable consequence of Bush’s Supreme Court nominees getting confirmed since Justice Kennedy had already made it clear in Stenberg v. Carhart where he stood on this issue.”

*Oliver Willis writes that “A vote for Republicans is a vote against women’s health.”

*Mahablog predicts:

I think we can count on conservative state legislators to use today’s ruling as an excuse to write abortion laws that are even more restrictive than the one covered in the case decided today. We can also expect that in some states the ruling will be used to intimidate abortion providers from performing second-trimester abortions by any means. It’s going to get interesting.

*Raising Kaine has the statements by the Presidential candidates who issued them.