More Ann-sanity!

More lunacy from Ann Coulter as she is now claiming that John Edwards campaign manager David Bonior “is fronting for Arab terrorists.” Coulter’s also claming that the conservative movement will stick by her. Why is that not surprising? Anyway, here’s what the “blue” blogs are saying about Coulter’s “Ann-sanity”:

*Shakespeare’s Sister says, “Coulter opens the monstrous font of diarrheic vitriol she calls a mouth and another blast of wet frenzy spews into the ether.” Ewwwww.

*Mahablog notes that right wingers “are having to work harder at persuading themselves that they are morally superior to the Left, and lately this effort has taken the form of pretending they are more genteel of speech than we are.”

*At Huffington Post, Brad Friedman asks:

Where are the mea culpas from these newly-ashamed “conservative” bloggers for having given Coulter a pass themselves all of these years? Why is it that they’ve suddenly discovered Christian and/or Family and/or Human Values? Will they be issuing their own apologies for enabling such a vile person for so long?

*Americablog argues that Fox News, “The network that gives comfort and cover to Ann Coulter doesn’t deserve a Democratic debate.”

P.S. By the way, it looks like those pesky Democratic bloggers have struck again, as companies remove their advertising from Coulter’s website. Frankly, why any company would want to be associated with the vile Ann Coulter is beyond me.